We are a Mexican business development company that has cooperated the successful expansion of all our business partners in the country. We have 20 years of experience creating business solutions using multiple methods, strategies and tactics of research and intelligence; in sum, we transform all your business questions and uncertainties into valuable knowledge and comprehensive solutions that allow you to take the best decisions for your commercial projects.


We offer market and business intelligence that involves the synthesis of information using various Market Research Techniques, both quantitative and qualitative, as well as innovative services to answer business questions from our business partners.

Benchmarking Value Offer
Economic Census
Consumer Insights

Market Sizing
Expansion Plans


Because we transform all your business quiestions and uncertainties into valuable knowledge, thus creating integral solutions that allow you to take the best decisions for your business projects.

We offer transparency showing the evidences of 100% of our work through recordings and images.

We work with the ESOMAR and AMAI ethics code (Mexican Association of Market Research and Public Opinion Agencies).

We are suppliers of the Mexican Franchise Association.

We have two own companies for data collection and analysis:

Humana Interamericana Specialized on data collection.

SS Estudios de Mercado specialized on the integral service in qualitative and anthropological research.



Specialized Consultancy in Innovation and Development of Food Products

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Software For Surveys

Software for Multichannel Surveys for Data Collection, regardless of place or time

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At INMEGA we create solutions for business partners and specialized sectors different from the massive consume in Mexico.

Our business partners have achieved their objectives with us.